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Monday, December 6, 2010

Santas Grotto!

Hey all :)
Sorry I think I'm a day or two late on this one but between Xmas madness & trips to the emergency room we have been a bit hectic in the Prestidge household lol.
So here we have it the AMAZING new December collab from Afterfive Designs :) The colours in this kit are so much fun! LINK


And finally two pages from me xx
This one is an RAK for Wendy xx

Thursday, December 2, 2010


As per my earlier post A very special Christmas by Holly Spring design is officially in store and it's on sale right off the bat so get in quick before you miss out!!!! LINK What are you waiting for stop reading this and go buy it!!! Tis the season to be scrapping.....

Seasons Greetings!

Hi Everyone!

I'm baaaaaack.... well mostly anyway lol. As you would have read in my last post I have unfortunatly been in a creative funk the last couple of months. That mixed with never ending computer issues has brought me to the conclusion that I no longer have the time to continue scrapping as much as I have been. So I unfortunatly had to leave all of my CT's :( Well all except Holly Springs fab CT because I just couldn't quite stop scrapping altogether hehe. Never fear though I have picked up my love of signature making and I'm currently hinting to hubby that I'm after a sewing machine for Xmas so I will be sure to keep you updated on all my exploits and of course I will still be scrapping from time to time with Hollys gorgeous kits as well as any I buy along my travels. I'm hoping to have a give away in the not to distant future so keep an eye out for that. Also if hubby does manage to pick up on my not too subtle hints about Xmas presents I'll be looking into making some gorgeous little dolls which I will give away every so often. So keep your eyes peeled for exciting new things. I won't be doing too much over the next months but expect plenty of new things to be happening on here in the new year!

Happy Holidays!
Lisa xxx

A very Special Christmas!

OMG! Look how long it's been since I posted! Wow where have the last couple of months gone?!?!? Turns out my ages old computer has once again been playing up and since my husband is still to cheap (love you babe!) to buy a new one I ended up leaving all of my CT's :( Although my computer did come right after a couple of weeks and much cursing lol. Still I found myself in a creative funk so decided not to return to my old CT's except of course for my fabulous friend Miss Holly Spring who has been as always very patient with me :) So here I am back again to show you all a beautiful new Kit from Holly Spring Designs called A very special Christmas. It will be available from after five designs on the 2nd of December. Here's a link to Holly's store - LINK


And a page from me xx

Friday, October 1, 2010

My lastest purchase!

OMG I've been so busy with my CT's that's I haven't actually brought a kit for AGES! So I was pleased to find enough money in my account to buy this gorgeous kit by Kimla Designs called love story. I just adore Kimlas work. She always creates such rich, textured kits. I especially love this one because it's so dark :) It hides all my flaws lol. Here's the LINK to Kimlas fab store :)
And a quick page from me using my fav pic of Hazel :) Will be making more tonight when I find some time!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hey girls! Make sure to check out the sale Avdesigns is having at scrap insider. It's starts tomorrow and is only for the first 20 customers so get in quick! You can buy the entire store for $30! In it you get 10 full kits, 3 Masks, 2 Templates, 6 Wordarts, 3 Albums & 1 freebie :) LINK

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And the winner is...... Michaela!!!!

Congrats Michaela! You were randomly selected to win the $5 gift certificate to After Five Designs. Please email me at with your full name and email address so I can have the voucher sent to you :)
And a big thanks to everyone that entered and left all those wonderful comments. I'm sorry I was a wee bit late drawing this one but with all this earthquake maddness I've been a wee bit all over the show lol.

Make sure to stick around. I intend on having another fab giveaway in the not so distant future. Oh and if you have any suggestions for giveaways you would like to see on my blog please feel free to let me know. I would love to hear some feed back.

Lisa xx

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Earthquake update

Well we stayed at my parents house last night since they have their water and power back. Unfortunatly most people our side of town including us are without water and we have no idea how long that will be for. Christchurch has officially declared a State of Emergency.
I'm just so thankful we managed to get a shower today and the kids got a bath :) I suddenly realised how much we take something as simple as running tap water for granted. We are back home now and we have a block of porta loo's set up down the street but there is a huge storm coming tonight with gale force winds so that should be fun :( We also have a tanker truck that comes every so often to distribute water but we have to boil it because there's been possible contamination from the sewerage lines. Good thing we still have power!
The original earthquake was 7.1 magnitude and we have been having a lot of aftershocks. The biggest hit us at about 5am this morning and was roughly about a 5. We are expected to keep having after shocks for the next 4 or 5 days. All school has been cancelled until at least Weds.
The city center is one of the worst areas hit and is completely cordoned off by police. Civil defence has acted quickly but I think we are all surprised that the army has yet to be dispatched. We had a curfew last night from 7pm untill 7am and several people were arrested for breaking it. There's just too many idiots trying to get into the city for a look.
Anyway that's about it from me. We took a few pics on our way to my parents place last night but they are not the best quality as it was dark and we were in a rush.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Earthquake pics

Just sent hubby out on a water finding mission and he came back with some pics of our neighbourhood.


OMG I'm totally freaked! We were hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake last night at around 4am. I've never felt one anywhere near that big before. We were lucky because we are right on the beach so we were cushioned by all the sand. In fact we are one of the few in Christchurch to still have power although our water is gone :( Aparently roads all around the city have been blocked off by police and buildings have collapsed. My parents showed up at 7am saying there was only one road they could take to get to us because they all had giant cracks in them! We are not sure how long our power may hold out and apparently they are talking about evacuating people in our area due to sewerage problems so if you don't hear from me for a little while it's because of that. I'm sure everything will be fine though :)

Here's a couple of pics I found online of damage

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pysk'D'lices by Chouk77

Hey ladies so today I get to show you my first page I have made as the latest member of Chouk77's creative team :) It's a new kit called Pysk'D'lices and it's available at digital-crea and if you get in quick you might catch it at 25% off! It is a bright and beautiful kit that comes with 80 eye poping elements and 16 fun packed pages :)

And a page from me using a pic of my gorgeous daughter Hazel xx

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's giveaway time!!!!!

Hey ladies :) (And possible gents lol)
I'm shamelessly promoting my blog once again with another fab giveaway and this one you don't want to miss! On the 7th of September I will randomly select one lucky individual to win a $5 gift certificate to After Five Designs!
Obviously this will only interest you if you are a digital scrapbooker lol.

Anyhoo the rules are simple. Just leave me a comment of love and your in the draw. Oh and you must be a follower of my blog to be eligable. To follow my blog just go to followers on the right hand side of my page and click follow. It's that easy!

Good luck!
Lisa xx

Warming the Heart by Holly Spring Designs!

I have another fab Autumn kit to show you today and it's a special sneak peak because it's not even in store yet! It's called Warming the Heart by Holly Spring & it will be available for purchase at After Five Designs on the 2nd of September :) here's the link to Holly's store LINK

And a couple of pages from me using Linda's gorgeous photos of her beautiful daughter :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Autumn Reflections by Starlight Designs

Hey guys :)

So as you know I have just joined the amazing creative team for Starlight Designs and I have one of her gorgeous new kits here to show you. It's called Autumn Reflections and if you get in quick you might just catch it at 25% off at Shabby Pickle. It comes with 78 beautiful elements and 10 stunning papers. I had so much fun with this kit it certainly a great buy.

A Page from me xx

Win a $5 coupon for MJ's Digital Creations!

Hey all!
Just a little message of love to let you all know that MJ's digital creations has changed her name to MarJays Designs. She has a fantastic new blog and to celebrate she is giving away one $5 coupon for her store. To be in to win all you have to do is follow her blog here and leave a message of love :)

New CT!

Hey guys :)

So I hadn't planned on taking on any more CT's for awhile but the girls have settled into daycare which they will go to twice a week and a few amazing CT calls came up at the same time which were not to be missed so I applied and I am so pleased to announce that I made the cut and I'm now a part of Starlight designs CT!!!!! This is such an amazing Honour and I want to thank Ivonka so much for bringing me on board. I'll be working along side some seriously talented scrappers so it's time to up my game lol.

Make sure to check out Shabby Pickle to see the Starlight Designs Store and get in quick! These amazing kits are currently on sale for as much as 83% off!

Watch this space I'll be working with some of her gorgeous kits today!

Lisa xx

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Spirit of Nature

Hey Ladies :)
My CT's have been a bit quiet lately so I have been shopping (don't tell hubby hehe) My lastest favourite buy was a gorgeous little kit called the spirit of nature by Jazzmin designs and I got it as part of a grab bag at after five designs. It was an absolute steal! At over 70% off! LINK It came with all sorts of wonderful goodies!

Papers (shabby Solids)
Alphas (4 in total)
And a couple of pages from me. The first is my wedding to my hubby Jess on Feb 5th 2010. Our twins Hazel & Esme are also pictured. The second page is me 37 weeks pregnant with the girls back in 2008. The photo was taken a day before they were born :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hey people! I was very sad today to find out that Choukette is retiring :( So I thought I would use one of her kits today. I went super girly and used birthday'licious. You can find Choukettes blog here :)

And two pages from me :) Hazel is in the first & Esme in the second :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My big girls!

I know I'm a bit slack but finally I have the girls drinking out of actual cups instead of drink bottles lol. I'm so proud I thought I'd share a couple of pics :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Walk in the wood reloaded by Soval!

Well after almost a week long break from the computer I'm back! and so pleased to announce Soval has a few new kits in store at digital-crea. The most recent being A walk in the wood reloaded. It comes with 12 unique and funky papers and 62 beautiful elements. Oh and if you get in quick you'll catch it on sale with 25% off!

And a couple of pages from me :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Soval has a new store!

Just a quick note to let everyone know Soval is now selling at Digital-crea! Here's the link Keep an eye out for her new kits which she will be intorducing in the next couple of days :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Collab from Soval!

Hey guys one last post from me before I let hubby take over on the computer tonight. I have for you a stunning new kit from Soval :) It's a collab actually between Soval & Ptitesouris called Cherry world. It's a beautiful kit full of rich reds and greens.
It comes with 28 beautiful papers and 100 amazing elements.  You can purchase it at digital crea now! LINK
And a page from me xx

And the winner is..... LOVEMYTWOGIRLS!

Congrats babe on winning my please stalk me giveaway :) You can email me your pics to and I'll make something fab for you xx. Tips with photos, the bigger the better! And the more the merrier lol. Also make sure to include any wording, names, dates etc that you might want on there. I'll even throw in a matching forum signature as a bonus :)

Thanks for all the wonderful entries guys. All your love and sweet comments were much appreciated. We went from 3 followers to over 30 in 24 hours :) A decent effort I must say. Now I won't feel like I'm talking to myself quite as much lol! So the comp is over but watch this space I'll be working on other giveaways to peak your interest ;)

Lisa xx

Spring is coming!

OMG! I don't think there is a more exciting time of year! I love the end of winter and although we are not quite there yet. I got so jump for joy excited when I saw that the trees in our backyard are starting to grow gorgeous little green buds! Now I am no great photographer. I am still trying to figure out how to use hubbys camera without the auto function but I thought I'd share this pic anyway. I love my garden :) Can't wait to get stuck into the weeding in another month!

Like my blog design?

Beacause I freakin love it! The blog template I'm currently wearing was designed by the lovely Holly Spring and is available for purchase at After Five Designs now! and if you are really quick you might catch it on special! I made the banner myself using her collab with Kimla called Lavender Story. The colours are so lush and beautiful.
The blog template comes as part of a mini kit based off of Lavender Story. It comes with -
  • 3 x Photo Overlay Frames in 300dpi; 4x6, 5x7, 6x8"
  • 3 x Papers complimenting 'Lavender Story' 300dpi
  • 1 x Blog Garb 'Lavender Story' 1280x1024 in 300dpi (with install guide)
  • 2 x Blog Banners in two formats each .png and .jpg; 300dpi
  • 1 x Frame Border 12x12" in 300dpi
  • 1 x Cluster Frame in 300dpi
  • 7 x Social Networking Buttons for signatures, blogs and forums 50x50px incl.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Photobucket, Flikr, Bebo, Blogger, and Myspace