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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Earthquake update

Well we stayed at my parents house last night since they have their water and power back. Unfortunatly most people our side of town including us are without water and we have no idea how long that will be for. Christchurch has officially declared a State of Emergency.
I'm just so thankful we managed to get a shower today and the kids got a bath :) I suddenly realised how much we take something as simple as running tap water for granted. We are back home now and we have a block of porta loo's set up down the street but there is a huge storm coming tonight with gale force winds so that should be fun :( We also have a tanker truck that comes every so often to distribute water but we have to boil it because there's been possible contamination from the sewerage lines. Good thing we still have power!
The original earthquake was 7.1 magnitude and we have been having a lot of aftershocks. The biggest hit us at about 5am this morning and was roughly about a 5. We are expected to keep having after shocks for the next 4 or 5 days. All school has been cancelled until at least Weds.
The city center is one of the worst areas hit and is completely cordoned off by police. Civil defence has acted quickly but I think we are all surprised that the army has yet to be dispatched. We had a curfew last night from 7pm untill 7am and several people were arrested for breaking it. There's just too many idiots trying to get into the city for a look.
Anyway that's about it from me. We took a few pics on our way to my parents place last night but they are not the best quality as it was dark and we were in a rush.


  1. Wow, how frightening! I'm glad you're okay! I hope the water comes back on soon. Any ETA on that?

  2. Thanks hun. We have water back but it's all contaminated so we are boiling and bleaching it until further notice :( At least we are back home and can flush the toilet again lol.