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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A very Special Christmas!

OMG! Look how long it's been since I posted! Wow where have the last couple of months gone?!?!? Turns out my ages old computer has once again been playing up and since my husband is still to cheap (love you babe!) to buy a new one I ended up leaving all of my CT's :( Although my computer did come right after a couple of weeks and much cursing lol. Still I found myself in a creative funk so decided not to return to my old CT's except of course for my fabulous friend Miss Holly Spring who has been as always very patient with me :) So here I am back again to show you all a beautiful new Kit from Holly Spring Designs called A very special Christmas. It will be available from after five designs on the 2nd of December. Here's a link to Holly's store - LINK


And a page from me xx

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