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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My sewing misadventures

Hey all!
Hope you have had a fantastic Xmas and a boozy new year :) I know we have! Well I know I haven't been very active online lately but what can I say. It's summer here in NZ and we live on the beach lol. The last thing on my mind is the computer! But I thought I'd drag myself online to show off my Xmas present from my amazing Husband. And despite all the jokes from my sisters about how I'll be bored of it in 2 second I have every intention of putting it to serious use on a long term basis :)
Last night was New Years eve and what did I do? I spent 4 hours, 3 attempts & 10 beers on a tiny toy giraffe that I have named BB. It's only fitting that something I put so much time and love into should go to by best friends baby Bailey. It might not look like much but I am rather proud of this wee creation. I even managed to get a tiny rattle in her belly. Can't wait to see Bailey slobber all over it lol.
Anyhoo I'm off to pull out all my hubby's old t.shirts so I can recycle them into play pants for the gremlins.
Here's the link to the pattern for this gorgeous wee Giraffe. It's about the easiest pattern I've ever come across and super easy to personalise. LINK

Happy New Year!

All Mine!
BB the Giraffe

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